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Mahashe is an Australian Designer label that is becoming more known and loved each day. At home on the East coast of Australia, this brand specializes in cotton and prides itself on creating timeless, everyday tran-seasonal styles in unique vibrant prints.

Brought to life by April & Mark, a down to earth couple who have fused their skills and creative talent to create a fashion label that has become well known for its quality. For those of you that have followed this label from the beginning will know the couple from the local northern rivers markets, from where the label was born and evolved into what is it today.

Now stocking over 200 stores around Australia & New Zealand, with a keen, dedicated following.

With a natural emphasis on sustainability in their own lives, it’s only natural that this carries on into their business. Continually working towards providing quality clothing with the least environmental and social impact possible. In a world where almost everything has become disposable, they have created a fashion label that pays attention to the finer details, to ensure that the garments are still beautiful for the years to come.

Proudly designed locally in the Northern Rivers of Australia. Ethically produced in India with a family run business. Mark & April work closely with their suppliers, ensuring an honest and fair working environment, this isn’t something they have had to implement, this has been there from day one, in fact this business has been built from the ground up from the belief that this planet and all it’s inhabitants need to be loved and looked after.


Let us share with you a bit of our own journey in the fashion industry and in business, in how we too are always trying to walk that little bit lighter on the planet.

Mahashe began right from the beginning as a very grassroots business and sustainability has always been a way of life for us, not something that we have had to move into.
We love that the fashion industry and business in general is being asked to become transparent and accountable for their impact on the planet and social wellbeing.
Sustainability is life and it’s the all the little things that make the largest difference in the end.

Through sharing this journey, we hope to inspire others to also walk that little bit lighter on the planet.


For those of you that don’t know, we absolutely love cotton. It’s our thing.. and it's no secret why.
Cotton is a completely natural fibre that is 100% biodegrade. It is soft and breathable, hypoallergenic and what we love the most is its incredible durability.
Organic cotton is the future for us and we are currently looking into finding a reliable organic cotton source. Our vision is to only work with organic cotton in the future. This feels like the most important next step for us.


Sustainably in the fashion industry is a very a very complex topic and we choose to look at it face on.

We avoid trends, we obviously can’t help be swayed by the world around us, but we intentionally design with longevity in mind. We hold a huge emphasis on quality in everything that we do and bring Mahashe to life from the best materials available to us. We pride ourselves in creating a product that can be lived in and loved year after year. In fact, in a world of full of unconscious consumerism, we encourage it. 

We are continually perfecting quality over quantity. We think probably the hardest part of any apparel business is finding the perfect balance of predicting supply and demand. We are constantly improving with time, and consciously working towards limiting over ordering. It has become a fine art and we have been thriving off the challenge of perfectly predicting the future. To be honest though, a crystal ball definitely wouldn’t go astray.


We couldn’t feel prouder of who sews our clothing. Social compliance has been there from day one.

Our journey began from our love of India and our manufacturing journey will forever remain there. Our production is created in not just a factory but with a family that we have known and evolved with for many years.

We are committed to transparency and support only fair working conditions. You can confidently shop knowing MahaShe has been ethically made.


RECYCLED SILK BAGS - We send our items in RECYCLED SILK SARI bag. Not only an environmentally friendly option but who doesn’t love a gorgeous printed bag. We hear constant stories of all the wonderful things you reuse your bags for. From toy storage to storing your intimates.

GARMENT BAGS - We have transitioned into using 100% biodegradable garment bags. So they won’t lay on the earth or float in our oceans forever.

COMPOSTABLE POST SATCHELS -You can shop confidently knowing your order will come packed in a compostable post satchel. Made from annually renewable resources, such as cornstarch, they will break down in your compost. Either re-use, add to your green bin, or your home compost.


Sustainability is a way of life for all of us here at Mahashe. We feel incredibly blessed to always attract such a compassionate and conscious team of people to work with.

Our HQ is completely off grid.
We are 100% solar powered. We collect 100% of the rain water that we use.
We compost all of our scraps and we recycle absolutely everything that we can.

From the big things to the little things, like eco cleaning products & hand soaps to our toilet paper. We support who gives a crap toilet paper made from 100% recycled materials and who also donate 50% of their profits to sanitation project in the developing world.

It’s the little things right?!

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